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Many writers of books on such matters claim to have found this secret and all reach different conclusions. But on certain points they all seem to agree.


1. Being wealthy is an attitude of mind.

2. It is never about achieving monetary gain for its own sake.

3. It is about deciding what you want from life, your dream and focusing on achieving it, using money purely as a tool, like a computer or a phone.

4. It is also about deciding what you want to give back to the world out of gratitude for your success.

5. They learnt early on that you don’t get wealthy working for others.


Other than certain bankers there are few people who make a fortune working for others. The system isn't geared that way. The bosses and the taxman see to that.


There are 4 ways of earning money legitimately.


1. Working for someone else's business.

2. Working for yourself.

3. Owning a big business. Becoming a boss

4. Being an investor.


When building their empires the wealthy rarely use their own money. I learnt only the other day that one of the Dragons (TV The Dragon's Den) has debts in the region of £750,000,000.00. That’s not a misprint - ¾ of a Billion pounds. Of course it is skilfully invested and the income that that investment generates far exceeds the cost of maintaining the loan. Imagine that the overall net profit is just 1% per annum, that £7,500,000 of income.

Why do so many lottery winners so quickly exhaust their windfall.


The prime reason is that they have no understanding of a balance sheet, assets and liabilities.


How many people reading this would regard their house as an asset? Assets generate income. Do most peoples homes generate income. No. They have mortgage payments, rates, running costs, maintenance, and recently a crashing market value. Is that an asset?  Sounds like a serious liability to me.


The lottery winner blows his money on a large house, expensive cars,  plasma screen in home cinema, a never ending stream of liabilities and winds up broke again. Whereas had he  invested his windfall in true assets that brought an income stream he could have not only preserved but grown his windfall and gradually achieved true wealth while getting the things that he wanted without devastating his winnings.



How does network marketing fit into this pattern?


1. As a network marketer you are self employed.

2. You make your money by investment, not of cash but of time, helping others who join you to get what they want from the business.

3. As the team of people join you, you become a big business.


As a network marketer

you become a self employed investor

growing an income stream.


Looking carefully at the criteria listed at the top you will see that you have met all of them, assuming of course that you have a dream and are focused on it.


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Reputable Direct Selling & Network Marketing Schemes are never get-rich-quick and depend on the continued quality of the products, the continued demand for those products and the work you put in. If you do nothing you will earn nothing

Home.Pension Worries.RICH MENS SECRETS.Help for the scared.Getting Paid .PRIORITIES.