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So you are thinking of starting your own business.


Find the thought a bit scary?




What  scares you most?


For years you have been doing a job where most probably someone was telling you what to do and how to do it.


Suddenly as your own boss you are on your own. You may have experience behind you. But as always the buck stops with the boss, only now you are the boss. There’s no one to show you what to do. Right?




There are options for working for yourself that offer you all the support that you could want.


For example there are franchises.


You are effectively getting a tried and tested business that is off the peg so to speak. It may already have a high profile. It is almost certainly backed by years of experience. Your success is very much in the franchiser’s interest as your success makes him money too. This is almost like being employed yet it is still your business.


If it is a new business that is just starting to offer franchises, you will need to do your homework to be sure that it has a sound foothold. The cost of the franchise may be cheaper than for a large and well established chain but that is because the experience on offer will be less.


But there is a cost that goes with this. The cost of buying the franchise. You are not likely to get a franchise for less than £60,000. You will still have all the overheads, rent, rates, staff, etc. You are deeply in hock from the start.


Is there an alternative?  




And will it offer the same level of support?


Very definitely.


Direct Selling, Multi-level marketing, or the modern buzzword Networking.

It is referred to as selling but is about recommending.


See How to get PAID for what you’ve BEEN DOING FOR FREE!


You will get all the help that you need as the success of those who introduced YOU to the business is dependent on your success. It is unlike a regular job where keen, new people are regarded as a threat. Have you faced a workplace bully? Have you ever had your work belittled or even sabotaged by a manager who felt threatened by you? I know that I have.


In my experience Networking is one of the most generous and friendly jobs in the world. I found people even more friendly and supportive than the parishioners of my local church and that is no criticism of my church community.


The start up cost of about  £60 is better than a £60,000 franchise. You may need to purchase a little stock so that you have something to show. But you will be able to run it from home, alongside the day job if you have one and slowly build the business at a pace that suits you. But best of all you can work as and when it suits you too.


You are getting everything that you get with a franchise.



So see How to get PAID for what you’ve BEEN DOING FOR FREE!


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Home.Pension Worries.RICH MENS SECRETS.Help for the scared.Getting Paid .PRIORITIES.


Reputable Direct Selling & Network Marketing Schemes are never get-rich-quick and depend on the continued quality of the products, the continued demand for those products and the work you put in. If you do nothing you will earn nothing.

Home.Pension Worries.RICH MENS SECRETS.Help for the scared.Getting Paid .PRIORITIES.

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