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You are thinking of starting your own business.
Here is quotation from Thomas J. Watson Sr
who was the driving force that made IBM into the largest manufacturer of
electric typewriters and data-processing equipment.


"You cannot be a success in any business without
believing that it is the greatest business in the world...
You have to put your heart in the business

and the business in your heart."

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You are probably looking at this Website for one or more of the following reasons.


1. The title sounded interesting.

2. You want to be in control of your financial future.

3. You want to improve your lifestyle.

4. You want to achieve self-employment by the back door.

5. You are looking for an alternative to the rat race.

6. You are worried about job security and would like a back up.

7. You’d like the chance to pursue a dream with the resources to finance it.

8. You are just looking for financial security.


Then this Website is for you.


All this generally assumes that you have a day job but you may not, you may be unemployed, one of the many single parent families, pensioners, housewives or house-husbands who would also like to have a pay cheque each month. This Website is most definitely for you too.


So in an ideal world you are looking for a source of additional income that will

1. Not need a large capital outlay

2. That won’t require massive amounts of training,

3. That will fit into your available time

4. And with the flexibility to complement your business and family commitments.

5. Wealth would be nice.

The word wealth for some is a dirty word. Those who resent wealth, use phrases like ‘where there’s muck there’s money’, ‘you can’t take it with you’, ‘property is theft’. Many of the wealthy regard such criticism as jealously from those without the wit or will to do the same themselves. In fact both sides are probably trying to justify and defend their position. Sadly both sides are blinded by the lies that they are telling themselves. Wealth is so misunderstood. It may be an archaic view but I make a distinction between wealth and riches. The word rich has an ancient Germanic origin in the word Riche and later reich meaning power whereas wealth has its origin in well health or well-being. That these two words, at least as far as dictionaries and general usage are concerned, have become synonymous is a great loss to the English language. I like to retain that distinction and I would ask you to accept that distinction as you read what follows.


I have no problem with my concept of wealth. My quarrel is with motive and means. It is here that the distinction lies between riches and wealth. The person who believes that they have acquired wealth but who did so by fraud and malpractice may be rich but they are not truly wealthy. Their riches will always be more insecure and their personal wealth is almost non-existent.


What do I mean by personal wealth. I certainly don’t just mean money in this case. I mean true happiness and a life of true quality.


The person who acquires riches, especially great riches by immoral practices, tends to have no friends other than those that money can buy. If his practices were blatantly illegal, he risks exposure and prison. If his path to riches was at the expense of others, then when trouble comes no one owes him anything and he’s likely to find that he has no friends. Those that he tricked and deceived will be always out to revenge themselves. These ‘rich’ people may have a life of luxury but they have no security, for the law or the vengeful will take it from them given half a chance.


I recently discovered that out there are opportunities for true wealth making that work in quite a different and sympathetic way.


Imagine getting wealthy helping others to do the same thing. Are they more likely to become firm friends if you’ve helped them to become wealthy? Of course.  Will their happiness enrich your life? It’s bound to. If the more people you helped to wealth made you still wealthier in both money and respect, would that feel good. Who is going to be more secure. You or the one that became rich by unethical practices.


These business opportunities are totally and completely about helping others to get what they want. What’s more you will only succeed if you focus on that. Once you start thinking self only, you are lost.





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Home.Pension Worries.RICH MENS SECRETS.Help for the scared.Getting Paid .PRIORITIES.
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